Red Kale Plant Starts 7-25-14

A bonus for your garden

In November our Farm share program will end, but right about then, if planted immediately and kept moist, the little Nash’s Red Kale  starts that you find in your box will be producing enough leaves for you to harvest and eat!

These starts are not a substitute for any veggies you would have ordinarily received. We had a bunch of extra starts and wanted to share them with our farm family. They are grown from Nash’s own seed stock, that we’ve developed over a period of many years. You can plant the starts in your garden outdoors (they are winter hardy) or in a pot inside or outside, or share them with friends and neighbors. Each plant needs about 18 inches radius around it to grow. Keep them well-watered, especially in the summer heat. We cut the tops off so that the new plants will focus their energies into the roots, and so excess water is not lost via the leaves during their adjustment to their new home. In a short time, the leaves will grow back.

Next week we will have full bunches of Nash’s Red Kale in the boxes, a preview of what these little seedlings will be doing this fall and winter!


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