About Nash’s Cornmeal

Stone-Ground Cornmeal

Nash’s cornmeal is stone-ground at our farm store from corn we grow right here in the Dungeness Valley. Try both the fine grind and the coarse grind!

Nash’s organic, non-GMO corn—grown, dried, and ground at the farm—is the perfect way to enjoy this nutrient-rich food.

Although corn is actually the fruit of the Zea mays plant, it is classified as a grain and is the only grain that contains vitamin A (though not in significant amounts). Corn also has health-supportive antioxidant benefits. In the case of yellow corn, it’s the antioxidant carotenoids leading the way, with especially high concentrations of lutein and zeaxanthin.

Corn is a good source of dietary fiber and gives us plenty of chewing satisfaction. Eating organic corn meal not only helps support healthy populations of friendly bacteria in our large intestine, but also provides a direct supply of energy to the cells that line our large intestine, helping them stay healthier and function at a lower risk of becoming cancerous.