About Nash’s Triticale Berries

triticale berries

Use triticale in place of rice or in salads for healthy, satisfying nutrition!

Triticale is a hybrid cross between wheat and rye grains. Rye has always been a hearty crop, able to withstand rough conditions such as poor soil, flooding, and drought. The grain also grows rapidly. The triticale hybrid was developed just over a century ago to capitalize on the unique nutritional benefits and hearty growing characteristics of rye blended with the desirable characteristics of wheat for bread making. It is better at reducing soil erosion and can capture excess soil nitrogen more readily than just wheat or rye.

Rye is a rich and versatile source of dietary fiber, especially a type of fiber called arabinoxylan, which is also known for its high antioxidant activity. Research indicates that consuming whole grain rye has many benefits including: improved bowel health, better blood sugar control and reduced risk of type-2 diabetes, as well as overall weight management and an improved satiety (feeling full longer after eating). So, this handy little hybrid grain is good for you and the planet, and still offers you the characteristics of wheat and wheat products that you’ve grown to love.

Get more information about triticale from The Whole Grain Council.