About Nettles


From nettle tea to nettle soup, there are lots of ways to enjoy the health benefits of this wild herb.

This is a great time of year for nettle soup, as nettles are abundant and it’s a cleansing spring tonic. If you are looking for something a simpler you can prepare a cup of nettle tea by simply pouring hot water over a cup of fresh nettles, let steep covered for 7-10 minutes and strain the nettles.

Be careful when handling these delicious spring weeds, as their prickles may sting you, so use either gloves or tongs when preparing them. Nettles are high in iron and vitamins A and C. They are a diuretic and a tea prepared with nettles can support the kidneys, liver, and intestines.

An old practice to relieve gout and arthritic pain was to use rub stinging nettles on the affected area. The sting was thought to bring nutrient-rich blood flow to the area to promote healing.