Strawberry Ideas

Strawberries in pints 2014

Strawberries are here, strawberries are here! Hurry and make as many delicious strawberry dishes as you can before they’re gone!

Salads—Great with spinach.

Smoothies—with yogurt, milk, juice, bananas and oranges.

Syrup—Boil in a little water, allow to cool, and use on Nash’s buckwheat pancakes, or on ice cream. Add a little chopped basil for a taste explosion!

Desserts—Dip in melted chocolate; add to a fruit pie; slice and put on vanilla ice cream, drizzle with high-quality Balsamic vinegar, garnish with mint.

Butter—Chop fine and add to softened butter with a little pepper.

Popsicles—Crush into chunky liquid, mix with a little sugar, put into popsicle forms and freeze. Kids love ‘em!

Ice Cubes—Put one strawberry into each ice cube section of an ice tray, freeze and put in lemonade, wine coolers, etc.

Trail Mix—Dry in a food dehydrator and mix with nuts, raisins, etc.

Soup—Blend 3 cups strawberries, 1 cup plain yogurt, 1/2 cup Reisling, and 1/3 cup sugar. Chill and drizzle with olive oil and a dash pepper.

Salsa—Chop and mix strawberries, chives, cilantro, dried cranberries, and avocado. Mix with red pepper jelly, lime juice and a little dried crushed red pepper.