Triticale Breakfast Cereal

Cooking whole grain triticale or wheat berries in the crock pot is fantastic because they can cook on low overnight and be perfect in the morning! They freeze really well too, which means we keep them in Tupperware and pull out small portions as needed to minimize cooking time on busy mornings!

Whole grain triticale berries

You can use any of Nash’s whole grains for breakfast, but my favorite is triticale because of its hearty, nutty flavor.

Triticale Breakfast Cereal

Optional: Soak 2 cups of whole rinsed triticale or wheat berries for several
hours or overnight.

Combine in crock pot 4 cups of water with soaked (or unsoaked) whole
grains. Cook on low for 7-9 hours.

Enjoy whole cooked grain as a breakfast cereal with your favorite toppings, including bananas, cinnamon, cardamom, honey, maple syrup, yogurt, Dungeness Valley Creamery raw milk, nuts, ground flax seeds, freshly grated ginger, dried fruit, etc.

We thank Brigid Walsh for this recipe.