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The Education Fund

As part of our effort to raise the quality of life for our community, Nash's Farm Store offers numerous educational programs, including movie screenings, guest speakers on healthy living, and cooking demonstrations. We also have a free lending library of books, magazines and films.

We strive to offer these programs free of charge to the public, but we need support to continue them. Consequently, we created our Education Fund to purchase equipment, such as a data projector and a basic sound system, to improve our classes and workshops.

We raise money by offering beautiful handmade bowls and greeting cards by local artists, which were donated to the Store for this purpose. All proceeds, minus the sales tax, go to the Education Fund. Contributions to the Fund can also be made directly.

Nash's Organic Produce is an incorporated business and therefore your contribution is NOT tax-deductible. As you can imagine, the farm operates on a tight budget, and there isn't much extra to support and expand the Farm Store's education program. Your contribution supports our effort to empower our community with shared skills and knowledge, working collectively towards a vision of health and food sustainability for all.

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