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Nash's Farm StoreWhen considering what to carry on its shelves, Nash’s Farm Store staff keeps the mission statement in mind. Sometimes customers ask why a product they always thought was socially or environmentally responsible is not in Nash’s Store. It is usually because so many small, organic companies have been taken over by large mega-corporations, like General Mills, Coca Cola, PepsiCo, Con Agra, Smucker's or Kellogg's. Nash's Farm StoreThe Farm Store is constantly researching where to source products that are quality, but also independent of influence from corporate America.

Because many customers do not understand why their favorite products are not readily available at Nash’s, part of the Store's mission is to give them not only reasons why, but also the resources and information to empower them to make the healthiest and truly socially responsible choices. The Store holds many workshops and films on topics about these issues, as well as maintaining a Lending Library that is free for the community to use.

Encouraging customers to support their LOCAL farmers is high on the Store’s priority list, not only because they get fresh, healthy food, but because it reduces their carbon footprint and strengthens the local economy.

Produce Vendors

The product tent at Nash's Farm StoreNash’s Farm Store makes every effort to purchase products from local producers, from the North Olympic Peninsula or from the state of Washington. Not all our local producers are certified organic, but we know and trust them when they say they grow their crops using organic practices. There are also local producers that do not follow organic farming practices, but we support them because they farm on the North Olympic Peninsula and by using the land for agricultural purposes, they help to maintain and preserve our precious farmland.

These are the Peninsula produce vendors we carry at Nash’s Farm Store:
  • * Big Barn Farm, Sequim
  • * Dharma Ridge, Chimacum/Quilcene
  • * Fletcher Family Farm, Sequim
  • * Johnston Farms, Agnew
  • * Kol Simcha, Sequim
  • * Lazy “J” Tree Farm, Agnew
  • * Midori Farm, Port Townsend
  • * Nelson Blueberry Hill, Sequim
  • * Red Dog Farm, Chimacum
  • * River Run Farm, Sequim
  • * Sequim Prairie Star, Sequim

These are the Washington state produce vendors we carry at Nash’s Farm Store:
  • * Alvarez Farms, Yakima
  • * Barbee Orchards, Zillah
  • * Brownfield Orchard, Chelan
  • * Inaba Farms, Wapato
  • * Jerzy Boyz, Chelan
  • * PDQ Farm, Zillah
  • * Rock Ridge Orchards, Enumclaw
  • * Tonnemaker Farm, Royal City
Products List
Products at Nash's Farm Store T-Shirts at Nash's Farm Store Nash's Farm Store

Nash’s Farm Store carries a wide variety of grocery items. We make every effort to procure organic products, independently owned and operated, and local whenever possible. We have:

  • * Fresh, organic produce
  • * Local meats and seafood
  • * Dairy
  • * Frozen foods
  • * Breads and baked goods
  • * Beer and wine
  • * Dried beans, grains, rice and pastas (some in bulk)
  • * Cereals
  • * Snacks and cookies
  • * Coffees and teas
  • * Bulk tea and spices
  • * Juices
  • * Grab-n-go cold drinks
  • * Condiments
  • * Dried fruit, nuts and seeds
  • * Soups
  • * Salad dressings
  • * Nut butters
  • * Local honey and jams
  • * Candy, chocolates, power bars
  • * Household goods (some in bulk)
  • * Personal Care products (some in bulk)
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Gluten-Free Products

Gluten-free productsIt is our goal to provide our community with the healthiest foods we possibly can, including a wide selection of gluten-free products for people who are gluten-intolerant.

The following list is a snapshot of gluten-free products that we currently carry. Not listed are our fresh, seasonal produce, direct from our farm and other local farms. We believe that a healthy diet, gluten-free or not, should be mostly fruits and vegetables. We also do not include meat, fish, and dairy products, including milk, cheeses and eggs. Obvious gluten-free products, such as honey or nuts, are also not listed.

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