About Nash’s Heirloom Tomatoes 2015

heirloom tomatoes and sungold tomatoes

Don’t be afraid to be washed away by the waterfall of Pink Berkeley Tie Dye heirloom tomatoes in the top-center of this photo. Also grab some Sungold Cherry tomatoes while they last, which make an appearance in the bottom-left corner of the photo.

Heirloom tomatoes are soft and juicy when ripe, and extremely flavorful. Allowing them to ripen on your countertop for a few days until their color is bright and rich will bring out their fullest flavor.

Heirlooms are great where you want to showcase the tomato’s own flavor, such as bruschetta, salsa or sauce or homemade tomato soup. They are soft because of their higher juice content, which will require longer time to cook down, but their intense flavor makes it all worthwhile.

Heirloom Varieties

  • Black Krim: Near chocolate-colored, large heirloom with rich, balanced flavor.
  • Pink Berkeley Tie Dye: When ripe, this eye-catching tomato will be purple with green striping, with a softer flesh and juicy, mild flavor.
  • Katja: Pink heirloom tomato from Siberia. More irregular in shape and size. Great intense, rich flavor. Grower’s favorite pink.
  • German Johnson: Large, round pink tomato, less ribbing than Katja. Nice firm tomato with good flavor.

Slicing Varieties

  • Legend: Good old-fashioned red slicer tomato, sometimes a bit smaller. Good for salads and sandwiches.

Cherry Varieties

  • Sungold Cherry: Bright orange cherry tomato with sweet and tangy flavor. Eat them by the handful or dress up your salads with them.
  • Indigo Cherry Drops: Beautiful black and red cherry tomatoes with a full-sized tomato taste.
  • Gold Nugget: Bright yellow sweet/tart cherry tomato.
  • Washington Cherry: Red cherry tomato with good flavor.
  • Mixed Cherry Baskets: Fun and colorful cherry tomato medley, great for salads!

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