Roasted Dandelion Root Tea

Dig up and carefully clean some dandelion roots. If picked late in the spring, you may want to remove some of the root hairs. I usually cut off the tops in the field. Wash the roots thoroughly either in a bucket filled with water and physically agitate the roots with your hands, or take a hose and spray off the dirt. Clean until the water runs clear. Then take a knife and cut the roots into chunks. Wash one more time.

Put 2 cups of chunky roots into your food processor and chop until coarse. Put these into a separate bowl and process the rest 2 cups at a time until finished.

Spread the roots onto cookie sheets to a depth of 1/2 inch. Place in oven set at 250 degrees. Leave the door slightly ajar so that excess moisture can escape. Drying and roasting the roots takes about 2 hours. When dried they change from a yellowish color to a dark coffee color. Stir frequently with a spatula to assure even drying and roasting. Rotate sheets. Watch carefully during the last minutes so they do not burn. Cool and then store in glass jars. I grind my roasted chips in a coffee grinder used for herbs.

For tea, use 2 tablespoons dandelion root powder per 12 ounces water in a French press or place in saucepan with water and steep as an infusion.

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