Three Surprising Facts About Oats

As with most grains, the more processed oats are, the more their flavor and nutrients are compromised. Nash’s whole oats offer a hearty start to your day. Haven’t tried whole oats for breakfast porridge? Maybe these facts will inspire you.

Lore: Scottish highlanders carried pouches of oatmeal with them and dinner involved mixing it with sea water to form a cake which was baked over an open fire on a hot stone. Their enemies correlated these meals with their invincibility in battle.

Nutrients: Oats are high in protein and unsaturated fat, making them a great breakfast choice for sustaining blood sugar levels. The more refined the oats are, the quicker they will spike your blood sugar (leaving you feeling hungry more quickly after eating). Because of their fiber content, oats can help to reduce cholesterol in the body.

Whole Health: Oats are the only grain that is considered an adaptogen, meaning that they help our bodies to better cope with stress. People often think of particular herbs as adaptogens, but oats offer us a hearty AND calming breakfast.