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Kia ArmstrongKia Armstrong, Sales/Farm Store Manager
Originally from Southern Maine, Kia Armstrong road-tripped her way out to the Olympic Peninsula in 2002, and was hired to work on the harvest crew at the farm in 2003. Today, Kia helps manage sales, the packing shed, farmers markets and collaborates on farm-wide promotion and outreach projects.

During her time at the farm, Kia's passion for sustainable agriculture and social justice issues has fueled her work with local farm-to-cafeteria programs and GMO awareness. She has also served on several farmers markets boards and on the board of Tilth Producers of Washington.

"One of the reasons I made Dungeness my home is its combination of local food and amazing people," says Kia. An avid cook, Kia loves feeding her community and educating about how fun and delicious local food can be. She also accompanies her husband, guitar player Cort Armstrong, on upright bass. Their bands--Cort & Kia Armstrong, Blue Rooster and Farmstrong--play old-time country blues at festivals and venues across the Puget Sound, and they have recorded several albums together. Kia and Cort became parents in February 2013 when their son Spencer Donald Armstrong was born, and daughter Norah Josephine was born in September 2015.

Nash's Organic Produce
Nash's Organic Produce

Jeremy Buggy, Farmers Market Manager
Jeremy Buggy was born in Phoenix, and raised in San Diego, northern Arizona, and Palmer, Alaska. He has a varied background, including studies in theology and philosophy. He also trained as a baker/pastry chef, as an EMT, and worked at a Whole Foods store. He and his wife Julia came to the Peninsula in 2013 with their daughter Amara, and since coming here they have had another little girl, Rayna. Jeremy was originally hired as a produce clerk at Nash’s Farm Store in the fall of 2013, where his experience in grocery retail helped the staff set up effective systems for ordering and tracking. But he wanted to work outdoors, so in June 2014, he started working on the field crew. In addition to his field crew duties (weeding, harvesting, transplanting), Jeremy is also on the packing crew and does weekend farmers markets. The Store didn’t want to lose him entirely, so he still orders the beer and wine, and is a great tech support guy for the POS system. Jeremy and his family love to garden, hike, bike, and camp. He loves poetry and cooking, too, especially fresh, local, vegetarian/vegan meals.

Nash's Organic Produce

Nash's Organic ProduceIvy PhillipsIvy Phillips, Vegetable Production Manager
Ivy Phillips started with Nash’s in 2012. She and her little brother Abe were born and raised in Low Gap, AR in the beautiful Ozark Mountains. She attended Drury University, a liberal arts college in Springfield, MO, but her love of the outdoors and hiking in the mountains drew her to the Olympic Peninsula where she can indulge that passion in Olympic National Park. She also got a job working at Nash’s farm.

Ivy is a very hard worker and is not afraid to buckle down and pull weeds, plant seeds, and do all the tasks required of a produce worker and manager vegetable production and irrigation. She drives tractor, handles the irrigation schedules, does the planting, cultivating and other tasks on the farm. “I’m grateful to work here,” she says, but all of us at Nash’s are equally grateful that she does!

Sid MaroneySid Maroney, CSA Coordinator/Sales Manager/Miller
Sid Maroney was born and raised in Tennessee. He came to the Northwest in 1985 where he worked as a vocational rehab counselor in Seattle for about 17 years. In 2003, he moved to Sequim and built a barn, living on the top floor.

Sid has long been interested in creating a more sustainable lifestyle and in 2009, when he came to work for Nash's as the CSA Coordinator, he found he could influence other people as well. "Eating locally, seasonally and organically is one of the keys to sustainability," he says. "Somehow, we have lost our food system to industry and we will have to fight to take it back. Eating closer to home is one of the best ways to do that."

Sid not only leads the CSA Program, he also coordinates pork and grain/flour/seed/hay sales, mills & rolls grains and manages overall produce sales for the farm.

Nash's Organic Produce

Sam McCulloughSam McCullough, Seed/Field/Equipment Manager
Sam McCullough has been active in agriculture his whole life. He started farming with Nash in the spring of 2000 before graduating from high school, where he excelled in agricultural science and auto technology.

Sam’s understanding of plant and soil relationships and mechanics is vital to farming practices at Nash’s Organic Produce. He supervises the farm’s tillage, crop rotations, irrigation crew, soil health and compost operations, grain planting, combine harvesting and flour milling, seed production, and cover cropping. His responsibilities include the farm’s shop and the maintenance of the varied farm machinery, as well as fabricating, welding, and machining the many custom-built implements.

Being part of the next generation of farmers is very important to Sam, and he fully realizes the benefits of keeping local agriculture strong for future generations.

Sam enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, gardening, and collecting and restoring antique tractor/equipment. He lives in Sequim with his wife Crystal and their two children, Conner and Lillian.

Nash's Organic Produce

Patty McManus HuberPatty McManus-Huber, Outreach/Promotions
Nash and Patty married in 1994. Patty came to the Sequim area from California in 1980 with her two sons and worked for Peninsula College for 20 years before retiring from the state to work as promotions coordinator at the farm. She feels that creating a viable alternative food system is very important for the local community and is happy to help bring that about in any way she can.

Patty enjoys music and mountain biking with Nash, and loves to do yoga in the morning before coming to work. She enjoys eating the great produce and pork that come from the farm, although "Nash is really the better cook!" She tries to make up for that by doing the dishes.

Nash's Organic Produce
Nash's Organic Produce

Suzy StromSuzy Strom, Packing Crew Manager &
Greenhouse Manager

Suzy Strom was born and raised in Alaska. She got into farming when she was living in New Hampshire for a few years and worked on a farm there. “It was a joy to learn how to bring food out of the ground—a foreign concept in Alaska!”

Suzy started on the packing crew in November 2013. She was very quickly singled out as a good worker and an innovative thinker. For years, Nash had wanted to grow greenhouse tomatoes but did not have an employee with the expertise to take charge of such a project. Suzy had learned the skill in New Hampshire and Nash asked her to do some research and find out what it would take to make it happen here.

She jumped in with diligence and enthusiasm. She researched the best and most cost-effective greenhouse structures and the most appropriate tomato varieties. Once the greenhouse components were delivered, she directed its construction. She acquired the tomato seeds and starts and the tomato greenhouse has been growing ever since! In addition to her greenhouse responsibilities, Suzy manages the people who do the weeding, harvesting and packing of all the veggies.

When she’s not doing everything else, Suzy enjoys reading, hiking, biking, and walking her dog.

Nash's Organic Produce
Nash's Organic Produce
Meet the Farm Staff

Rachel CovaultRachel Covault
Rachel Covault was born and raised in Waukesha, WI, and attended the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities. Since February 2013 she has been the packing shed assistant at Nash’s Organic Produce. “Packing Shed Assistant is a very demanding job,” says Kia Armstrong, Sales Manager. “Rachel works well under pressure, and she’s precise, reliable, and lots of fun to work with!"

Rachel keeps the packing shed organized and running smoothly. This means making sure the correct produce gets to the people who ordered it, i.e., Nash’s Farm Store, the farmers markets, other grocery stores, restaurants, and wholesalers. She makes sure the marketeers have what they need for their farmers markets, maintains the cleanliness of the packing shed, organizes the cooler, and does lots of special projects, like managing the Recipe Blog on the Farm's website or jumping in on the harvest crew for big orders.

Rachel likes to hike and has volunteered on trail crews in the Olympics to help maintain our local hiking trails. We’re glad she’s part of our farm crew!

Nash's Organic Produce

Sonja DarttSonja Dartt
“I was named for a comic book character, Red Sonja, in Conan the Barbarian,” Sonja laughs. “My Dad did that to me!”

Sonja is an eighth-generation Vermonter, born and raised in Burlington, which is Vermont’s largest city. “That’s not saying much,” she says. “The entire state probably has a smaller population than Seattle.” She attended the University of Vermont in 2013, but decided to travel rather than graduate. She headed west and drove across the US, ending up at a friend’s in Olympia.

She heard about Port Angeles and decided to check it out. In the process she discovered the Olympic Peninsula. In her student days in Vermont, she had volunteered on local farms, so she worked for a short time at Spring Rain Farm in Chimacum. “The so-called local movement really began in New England. I worked in a really good restaurant called the Penny Cluse Café that was totally into buying seasonally and fresh from local farms. We made everything from scratch, so working on farms here was not a big stretch for me.”

Sonja likes working outdoors, so last August she applied at Nash’s. She has proven to be an energetic and hard-working person with lots of talent and knowledge of food. Like all of the staff, her job consists of a little of everything—harvesting, packing, and weeding. She is very impressed with the longer growing season that we enjoy here in Sequim. “By now in Vermont, you would be in full harvest mode, but close to winding things down,” she remembers. “Here we are just getting into the full season and we’ll be harvesting all fall and into the winter. It’s pretty wild!”

Sonja is a professional cook and has worked in several restaurants. She enjoys all aspects of food and local food systems, and really feels that it is important to support the people who grow food locally, to get the best flavors and highest nutrition possible. “It’s getting back to basics, something our culture has almost lost. I’m glad to find it here in such abundance!”

Nash's Organic Produce

Zachary Hoskins, Mechanic

Zachary Hoskins started in spring 2016 working in the mechanics shop on Delta Farm. He also is working in the fields driving tractor.

He was born in Tacoma, but moved to Port Angeles while still in middle school. A few years ago, he started learning about auto mechanics from Chris of Mountain Top Auto. Since our farm sends vehicles to Chris for repair, Zach heard about the position of mechanic opening at the farm and applied.

"I'm learning a lot from Sam, Taylor and Nash," Zach says, and he has proven to be a very apt student.

In his spare time Zach likes to hunt and fish, and hike in the Olympics. He is very capable of dressing down his own game, and so with the produce he gets on the farm, he's eating a lot of local food!

Nash's Organic Produce

Breanna KrumpeBreanna Krumpe, Packing Shed Crew
One of our newest crew members this year is Breanna Krumpe, a Sequim native and graduate of Sequim High School. We were delighted to find out that Breanna attended Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington, graduating in 2013 with a degree in music. She is a soprano who trained in opera and lieder, and she also plays viola and piano. We always appreciate having musicians on our staff because it makes our social gatherings and staff parties so much the merrier!

After graduation, Bre, as she is known to her friends, lived in Portland for a couple of years. “I enjoyed the city,” she recalls, “but I found that I missed home too much. I would come back to Sequim and just be so happy to be home.” She moved back here this summer and started work at Nash’s on August 1.

Portland did do one thing for her, however. She became aware of the “farm-to-table” movement that is so prevalent there, and came away with a desire to be self-sufficient on her own piece of land. Instead of trying to acquire that land, Bre did a smart thing and decided to work on a farm for awhile, to see if she could handle the work load, and to gain an understanding of how things grow. “I work with amazing people who have lots of knowledge about growing food. They are also very generous with that knowledge.”

Bre works on the packing shed crew, which means that she does a little of everything, including harvesting, weeding, bagging, and packing. Her fellow crew members hope she will eventually sing for them while they work!

Andrea LaPlante
Andrea LaPlante is one of our newest staff members, having started just this summer. She was born in western Massachusetts and has worked on farms since she was 13. Even as a small kid, around age 7 or 8, she knew she loved animals and traded work in neighboring stables for horseback riding lessons, or volunteered at animal shelters.

Her early farm experience was working on a tobacco farm, harvesting and hanging the big tobacco leaves to dry. “Sometimes I was the only girl on the entire farm,” Andrea laughs. “It made me tough and got me started.”

She went from there to a plant nursery, two vegetable farms, and finally a dairy in Maine.  Then she was accepted at Warren Wilson College in North Carolina. “It was a very small agricultural college,” says Andrea. “They had a 300-acre farm and garden and they specialized in animal husbandry.”

Warren Wilson focused on sheep and cattle, but at Nash’s, she’s working with pigs and chickens.  “I’m fine with that,” she exclaims. “I love them all!”

After she graduated in 2015, Andrea worked as an intern at a goat dairy and learned how to make cheese. She got experience in record keeping and tracking the history of each animal that she hopes to  apply to the pig herd at Nash’s.
Andrea came to Nash’s Farm via the internet. She posted her résumé on an agricultural site and Nash found it there.

“I was very excited to read about Andrea’s work and goals,” Nash recalls. “She has the enthusiasm and know-how to raise the quality of our livestock operation.”

Nash's Organic Produce

Joey GishNash's Organic Produce

Joey Gish is a native Washingtonian, who was home-schooled with his six siblings by his Mom in Port Angeles, even though his Dad taught high school there. He completed the Running Start program at Peninsula College and graduated from Western Washington University with a bachelor's degree in Biochemistry in 2014.

Since then, he has packed a lot of travel and work experience into his life. He worked with kids in Appalachia, as a "cellar rat" at a winery in Napa Valley, as a lab tech in Seattle and at a children's hospital in Laos, and at another winery in New Zealand. In between jobs, he took bike trips on the California coast and in New Zealand.

Joey worked for Nash's in 2010 for one season on the packing crew before he went to Western. It was then we first heard him play the fiddle. He's a great player and has performed with several local bands, including Abby Mae & the Home-School Boys, and he still enjoys playing with different groups. Catch him occasionally at the Open Mike on Wednesday evenings at Nourish Restaurant in Sequim.

Joey rejoined the Nash team in 2016 and now works with Taylor on seed cleaning and other vital farm projects.

Taylor McCormackTaylor McCormack
Taylor McCormack comes from Bothell. He attended Central Washington University in Ellensburg where he studied biology and started working on organic farms. He has worked at Kittitas Valley Greenhouse on hydroponic tomatoes and Cloudview Farm on their mushroom operation. He started working for Nash’s last April. “I’d love to start some oyster mushrooms growing on this farm, too.” Taylor works closely with Sam McCullough on the grain and seed operations. He handles the heavy equipment and manages the seed cleaning.
Nash's Organic Produce

Mike Castle

Mike Castle was born and raised in Maine. He also lived in Massachusetts and after joining the U.S. Navy, he was stationed in Rhode Island. “They say you join the Navy to see the world,” Mike says, “but I didn’t leave New England!”
After leaving the military, Mike worked as a landscaper and in construction. Finally, looking for a new and exciting place to live, he headed across country to live in Alaska, but never quite made it. He ended up in Tacoma, where he worked on a house for Mark Ozias and Lisa Boulware. Mark and Lisa eventually moved to Sequim and opened the Red Rooster Grocery. Mike built their commercial Kitchen and plumbed and wired the store. When the store closed, he returned to Tacoma, but kept in touch with his friends, and also read the Sequim Gazette. He was an ad for Nash's early last spring and immediately applied.

"I knew my skill set was what was required in the ad," Mike remembers, "but I also wanted to learn to farm. I'm really happy to be learning cultivation techniques and the mechanics of tractor driving. It's not as easy as you might think!"

Nash's Organic Produce
Pat Wesseler

Pat Wesseler
Pat has been working for Nash's Organic Produce since 2003. She was born in Port Angeles and has lived all her life in Clallam County. She is in charge of collecting, cleaning, sorting and tracking the eggs of the 300 laying hens on the Delta Farm.

"I grew up with chickens and I love them," Pat says. "They all have very distinct personalities!" Pat is always very excited when a new batch of chicks grows to egg-laying age, about six to nine months, because the number of eggs increases. She keeps very careful track of how many dozens she packs.

Nash's hens are all pastured and fed organic barley and local whey. They are sold at either the Farm Store or the Farmers Markets, when available, thanks to Pat’s hard work.

Nash's Organic Produce
Nash's Organic Produce
Nash's Organic Produce
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